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Our Quality

Quality is the major key factor in our company. In order to maintain quality, we perform
different tests after each and every process. We purchase yarn and perform tests to
make sure it meets our quality requirements. The yarn is then sent for weaving and
tests are again performed on gray fabric we received for quality assurance. Also, we
do the gray mending at our own warehouse to maintain the quality standards. The
fabric is then sent for processing and tests are again performed on the processed
fabric before it is issued for cutting and sewing or issued for rolling etc. Our well- trained
and highly experienced quality controllers inspect the goods before shipment
to customers


We have ultra-modern complete stitching to ensure we deliver the best and as per the
requirements of the client. To ensure we offer and maintain quality standards we have highly
skilled staff that ensure that the quality standards within AmeriTextiles are also kept intact. We
are producing materials and products for both healthcare and hospitality market. Ranging
from products like Patient gown to Bed linen. Our Heritage and customer are what we
care about.

Who We Serve

AmeriTextiles, has been in the market for over 30 years and have always kept the quality and
customer satisfaction at the highest priority. We make sure that we understand the challenges
our customers face and make sure to deliver the best. Satisfied clients are what drives us to
keep innovating and provide the highest quality fabric to our customers

Our Healthcare products are engineered and tested to meet the highest quality standards in healthcare market. Or vision is to provide the lowest cost with the highest quality, while ensuring the safety and comfort of patients and healthcare professionals.

Our products are produced to ensure that hotel owners reduce their operational cost while maintaining
the luxury of their brand. The material we produce and provide makes the experience for your
customers worth it.


You take the health and safety of your loved one’s seriously, and we do too. Ameri Textiles strives to deliver comfortable,well-designed personal protective equipment (PPE) that offers your family the most effective
protection available.

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